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Vendor Opportunities

The Indianapolis Public Library encourages your inquiries and participation in a mutually beneficial business relationship. We are committed to supporting and encouraging economic growth and business opportunities in Marion County by strengthening our relationships with small and local business enterprises.

Vendor Registration

IndyPL maintains a bidders list of contractors and consultants, organized according to the nature of business they provide and based on certifications. To be placed on our bidders list and do business with the Library, please complete the online application below.

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Diversity Commitment

IndyPL is committed to providing equal opportunities for minority, women, veteran, and disability owned business enterprises in the procurement of goods and supplies, professional services, and in the construction and renovation of facilities.

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Vendor Opportunities

Current Bids

Below are projects that are open for bids.

Central Library Atrium Carpet Replacement Project.

Invitation to Quote for the Central Library Atrium Carpet Replacement Project. Posted 2/24/2022

A Pre-Quote Conference will be held at the Project Site at 1:00 pm EST on March 7, 2022.

Quotes are due by 4:00 pm EST on April 5, 2022.

The Project includes the removal and replacement of approximately 20,500 square feet of carpet tile in the existing facility. The existing substrate for the new carpet tile is a raised access floor. All work on site shall occur while Central Library is not open for public services nor being used for a hosted event.

All existing carpet tile removed as part of the Project shall be repurposed or recycled. A reclamation plan will be a required submittal for the Project.

It is the Policy of IndyPL that Minority Business Enterprises (“MBE”), Women Business Enterprises (“WBE”), Veteran Business Enterprises (“VBE”) and Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (“DOBE”) shall have the maximum feasible opportunity for performance of contracts. Consequently, IndyPL has established the following percentage goals for certified MBE, WBE, VBE, and DOBE utilization on this Project, based upon the Contract Price as awarded to the successful Vendor:

  • MBE: fifteen percent (15%).
  • WBE: eight percent (8%).
  • VBE: three percent (3%).
  • DOBE: one percent (1%).

Addendum 1, March 10, 2022

Future Bids

  • Open Invitation to Quote for Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment for the Glendale Replacement Branch
  • Open Invitation to Quote for Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment for the new Fort Benjamin Harrison Branch
  • Janitorial Service
  • Elevator and Escalator Maintenance Services

Purchasing Policy

The Indianapolis Public Library follows public purchasing guidelines according to state statues. View our policy on purchasing to learn more.

Business Resources

Learn how to certify or grow your business, discover small business resources available at the Library, and register for upcoming programs.

Interested in Doing Business with Us?

We encourage vendors and suppliers who fulfill our requests for qualifications or proposals to tell us more about your services.

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Interested in Doing Business with Us?